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Whilst there is a degree of flexibility within these courses depending upon individual students’ needs, it is expected that students start these courses with a competent level of technical skill and creativity.

It is recommended that students study the following combination of areas of study depending what they what to read at university. All of the areas of study are linear and taken over a full year.

To prepare for any Art and Design course at university/art school, excluding architecture or product design

  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Communication
  • Model making
  • History of Art

To prepare to study Architecture

  • Art for architecture
  • Model making
  • History of Architecture

To prepare to study Product Design

  • Art for architecture or Graphic design
  • Model making

A student may take either Fine Art, Graphic Communication or Visual Communication as a separate unit (3 terms) providing that they study other subjects at the same time eg: Fine Art or Graphics