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Cells and Molecules

  • Carbohydrate, lipid, protein and DNA structure and function and classification
  • DNA replication
  • Semi conservative replication
  • Protein synthesis
  • Cell membranes, transport – diffusion, facilitated diffusion, active transport and endo/exocytosis. Cell organelles
  • Mitosis, mieosis process for gamete formation.

Ecology and Physiology


  • Abiotic (light temperature pH salinity soil type aspect) and biotic (intra and interspecific competition disease predation) factors in ecosystems
  • Sampling techniques
  • Transport in mammals
  • Heart structure and function (cardiac cycle)
  • Muscle structure and contraction
  • The sliding filament hypothesis.

Inheritance and Co- ordination

  • Genes, alleles, pheno and genotype
  • Heterozygous and homozygous, recessive and dominant characteristics
  • Monohybrid inheritance and pedigrees
  • Enzymes, lock and key theory of action
  • Active site structure and denaturation
  • Neurone structure and motor and sensory neurones
  • Synapses
  • Nerve impulse, sodium potassium pump depolarisation action potential and repolarisation
  • ‘All or nothing’ response

Unit assessment: 1hr 30 min theory paper 80% practical exam 20%