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Business Studies 1: Business Basics (Starting a Business) and Marketing Enterprise and business ideas Transforming resources Business plans Legal structure and raising finance Locating the business and employing the people Financial planning Market research Business Studies 2: Marketing in a Competitive Environment Marketing Understanding markets The marketing mix and the 4 Ps Marketing and competitiveness […]

Introduction to Micro-economics

Economics 1: Understanding the Nature of Economics as a subject Definitions of Economics Economy & its Four Agents Economic Methodology Major Economic Goals Foundations of the Science of -Economics Economic Systems Divisions of Economics Economics 2: Introduction to Product and resource Markets Product Markets – buyers and sellers Resource markets – buyers and sellers Finished […]


Accounting 1: Financial Accounts Introduction to accounting, assets, liabilities and capital, the accounting equation Double entry bookkeeping, trial balance Accruals, prepayments, bad debt and other adjustments Capital and revenue, depreciation Profit and loss statements Balance sheets Ratio analysis : profitability, liquidity, gearing, ROCE Introduction to accounting standards and conventions Shares, dividends, company structures Accounting 2: […]