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Organic Chemistry

  • Structure: shape of organic molecules, types of formulae, homologous series, nomenclature, use of mass spectra and IR spectra
  • Isomerism: structural, geometrical and optical
  • Petroleum: origin and occurrence, refining, fractionation, cracking, reforming, uses of fractions
  • Alanes: properties, lack of reactivity, combustion with excess and restricted oxygen, reaction with chlorine
  • Alkenes: structure of ethane, pi bond, reactivity comparison with alkanes, laboratory preparation from ethanol, addition reactions with Br2 and HBr, polymers and their uses
  • Halogenoalkanes: physical properties, preparation from alcohols, relative reactivity of chloro, bromo and iodo compounds, substitution reactions, tests using silver nitrate solutions
  • Alcohols: properties, test using PCl5, primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols, use of potassium dichromate (VI) solution to test
  • Practical techniques: heating under reflux, distillation and fractional distillation, recrystallisation, use of melting point or boiling point to test for purity

Method of assessment: Practical 20%, Examination 80%