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Business Studies 1: Business Basics (Starting a Business) and Marketing Enterprise and business ideas Transforming resources Business plans Legal structure and raising finance Locating the business and employing the people Financial planning Market research Business Studies 2: Marketing in a Competitive Environment Marketing Understanding markets The marketing mix and the 4 Ps Marketing and competitiveness […]

Government & Politics

overnment and Politics 1: Introduction to Politics, and Outline of the U.K. Political System What is politics? What is democracy? – Liberal democracy Political culture The U.K. constitution Parliament Prime Minister and Cabinet Elections Parties Method of Assessment: 60% Examination 25% 1000 word essay outlining (history, constitution, legislature, executive, parties and elections) the politics of […]


Criminal Law Principles of criminal liability: actus reus, mens rea Strict liability Offences against the person: murder, involuntary manslaughter Offences against property: theft, robbery, burglary Contract Law Formation of a contract: offer and acceptance consideration, legal intent Contents of a contract: contractual terms, types of terms, exemption clauses Privity of contract Vitiating factors: misrepresentation, mistake, […]

Introduction to Micro-economics

Economics 1: Understanding the Nature of Economics as a subject Definitions of Economics Economy & its Four Agents Economic Methodology Major Economic Goals Foundations of the Science of -Economics Economic Systems Divisions of Economics Economics 2: Introduction to Product and resource Markets Product Markets – buyers and sellers Resource markets – buyers and sellers Finished […]


Accounting 1: Financial Accounts Introduction to accounting, assets, liabilities and capital, the accounting equation Double entry bookkeeping, trial balance Accruals, prepayments, bad debt and other adjustments Capital and revenue, depreciation Profit and loss statements Balance sheets Ratio analysis : profitability, liquidity, gearing, ROCE Introduction to accounting standards and conventions Shares, dividends, company structures Accounting 2: […]

Communications Studies

Communication is the means whereby one can transmit ideas and information to others in a form that all the parties involved are able to understand. The purpose of this course is to allow students to gain the necessary skills in the modern world such that they are able to transmit what they want to communicate […]

Visual Communication

This course is intended for those with an interest in Business, Advertising and/or the Media. It is both practical and theoretical, combining elements of Graphic design and Media studies. The aim of the course is for students to become aware how businesses and/or organisations promote themselves and their services visually. Areas of study Media theories […]

History of Architecture

The History of Architecture This course is intended as an introduction to the development of Western architecture through social and technological changes. Areas of study may include: An introduction to RIBA The Classical Orders of architecture Traditional materials and vernacular architecture Architectural terminology Iron and steel, the development of the skyscraper and the Chicago School […]